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Vertical Compact Winding Machine

Uses: used in the production of various conical cheese yarn, for the whole, knitting, woven, hosiery machine use
Main feature
1. The use of vertical yarn design, yarn without inflection point, small friction, less hairiness.
2. Anti-winding long axis motor, frequency control.
3. Micro motor control waxing tension adjustment system, waxing tension stable and uniform.
4. I use the company's high-quality Hi-speed alloy Groove drum, slot-shaped design, anti-stack, forming good, light weight, wear, eliminate static electricity.
5. Single stand-alone control, electronic fixed length, single-spindle electronic yarn break from the stop, full tube from the stop.
6. Gas spring constant pressure Hi-speed bobbin, stable and reliable performance.
7. Center set up double-sided conveyor, automatic delivery full tube and bobbin, and automatic loading or packing, saving labor, to ensure that the production site clean and tidy.
8. Adjustable yarn blockers to prevent the production of yarn.
9. Double rotation direction of the balloon controller, stable unwinding tension, improve the tube forming effect.