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Large package Winding Machine

Uses: suitable for cotton yarn, chemical fiber, filament, low elastic yarn, etc. into 8 inches or 10 inches Large package.
Main feature
1. This type of Winding Machine vertical yarn design, yarn without inflection point, small friction, less hairiness, suitable for Hi-speed winding.
2. The use of DC brushless long axis motor drive, easy to single spindle speed, to adapt to a variety of different yarn production required speed.
3. Micro-motor double tension control system, tension and stability evenly, tube forming a good, at the same time with wax function.
4. I use the company's surface Ni-P alloy processing of large diameter Groove drum, curve optimization design, with anti-stack, forming good, high-strength wear, anti-sub-yarn, to eliminate static electricity and other functions.
5. Single stand-alone control, electronic length, single spindle electronic yarn from the stop, full tube from the stop.
6. Gas spring constant pressure Hi-speed bobbin, stable and reliable performance.