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Large package multistrand doubling winder

Uses: This machine is mainly used for the merger of 2 to 12 yarns into a cylindrical Large package, widely used in carpet lines, woolen yarn and other yarn multistrand and yarn needs.
Main feature
1. The model is designed for the upside down creel structure to meet the needs of 2 to 12 yarns and yarns, double tension control multistrand yarn, tension and stability, with excellent anti-yarn function, broken yarn from the stop, the motor with brake Function, broken yarn winding less, easy to joints.
2. The use of DC brushless long axis motor drive, easy to single spindle speed, to adapt to a variety of different yarn production speed, can be winding Large flask yarn, diameter up to 330mm.
3. Micro-motor double tension adjustment system, tension and stability evenly, and have wax function, tube forming good.
4. I use our high-quality Hi-speed NI-P alloy Groove drum, Groove drum curve optimization design, with anti-stack, high-strength wear, anti-sub-yarn, to eliminate static electricity and other functions.
5. Single stand-alone control, electronic length, electronic anti-stack, electronic brake, broken yarn from the stop, full tube shredding, full cylinder stop and other functions.
6. Gas spring constant pressure Hi-speed bobbin, winding pressure adjustable, stable and reliable performance.