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Add: Side of national highway 104, Yixing high-tech zone, Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, China

Tel: +86-510-87489918

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Sales hotline: +86-18800526314 , +86-18795685870

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Located at the side of national highway 104 of Yixing high-tech zone in Wuxi city, Xindawei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the research, development and production of textile machinery products.

The latest Winding Machines developed and produced by our company use double-tension vertical yarn path control system and combine with the cutting-edge design concept of winding: Due to stable tension value and non-break-pointed yarn path produce by our machines, there are no channel tension and friction in the yarn path caused by break points, thus our machines can reduce the happenings of hairiness; with advanced and unique design and innovative yarn-winding concept, our machines are suitable for the hi-speed winding of yarns, and can offer customers hi-speed, high-efficient and high-quality winding effects.